Pointe a Pitre

One of the impressions that many Guadeloupe tourists hold at Pointe a Pitre is the tastes and sounds of its many small markets. For example, the Central Market, also known as the Saint Antoine Market, is situated in the center of the city on a square of the same name; the Flower Market on Gourbeyre Square, in front of St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church; and the Keruland Port Market on the Caribbean Sea, in front of the cruise ship.

Pointe a Pitre

Guadeloupe National Park

A visit to the National Park of Guadeloupe, listed by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, will also leave a mark. Situated in the south of Basse-Terre, the park is home to one of the Antilles ‘ most beautiful forests. By taking the Route de l’Habituée, which divides the park into two, you can enter the park.

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Next, take a trip to the Soufrière Volcano and to nearby Carbet’s three waterfalls. The most available is the second waterfall. It can be admired from a suspended bridge, one hundred and ten meters in height. If you are interested in archeological sites in Basse-Terre, visit the Roches Gravées in Trois-Rivières, in the southern part of the island; or those in Plessis in the north. Or take an excursion to the geological reserve Désirade. In Fort Delgres, built in 1650 to protect Guadeloupe from the British, you will admire French relics.

Visiting Pointe à Pitre, cruise passengers can also enjoy the Botanical Garden of the Domaine de Valombreuse. Inserted between the mountains and the sea, this is a riot of tropical plants and flowers that can be equal to just a few other gardens in the world. Make sure to visit the Musée du Rhum in Sainte-Rose during your stay to get a complete taste of the island’s spirit. Housed in the Reimonenq Distillery, it reveals the rum-making methods and secrets. A variety of historical devices used to cut, work and turn sugar cane into rum, as well as old incisions, artifacts and papers, can be seen.

Must See Places In Pointe a Pitre

Must See Places In Pointe a Pitre

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Charming verdant bays

For just a taste of French Caribbean, seek a holiday in Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe’s archipelago looks simply amazing for tourists arriving on a Caribbean Cruise. The turquoise waters are suitable for water sports. The Grande Anse is considered one of the world’s most beautiful in Les Saintes.

Crossing fields dotted with ruins of ancient mills, you can reach the beaches. You can also touch beautiful landscapes such as Pointe Vigie. The waters drop down into the Atlantic Ocean for 84 meters. And with a trip to Port d’Enfer, 25 kilometers from Le Moule, you can enjoy the tiny ocean-created lagoon surrounded by rocks and meadows. You should go to Basse Terre if you want to see the pink sand beaches or the volcanic sands. You should go to Désirade, the island shaped like a cigar, if instead you’re looking for wild nature.

Don’t miss the Marie Galante excursion, where the most stunning beaches can be found. And you have to try local cuisine: ingredients from the Caribbean and African, and spices from the farthest countries. Among the recommended foods are: Désirade cashew nut preserve; Tourments d’Amour, sweets made in Les Saintes (the archipelago in the archipelago) with coconut jam, puff pastry, cane sugar, flower, custard (optional) and eggs; or a refreshing coconut sorbet.


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