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The most beautiful beaches in the world are synonymous with endless peace, enjoyment, warmth and exoticness provided by white sand, turquoise, dark blue color of deep oceans, hot days and romantic nights. Look at the hidden paradise on the sand that everyone dreams about. We present you one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Maldives!

The unexpectedly beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean consists of 26 atol – coral islands of a ring or semicircular shape with a shallow bay – a lagoon in the middle. This group of 26 atols consists of about 1102 smaller islands, of which only 250 are settled, and 88 are converted into exclusive resorts.

Best offers for Maldives – Find Cheap Airline Tickets and Flight Deals for Maldives

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Best offers for MALDIVES

In addition to luxury hotels and natural beauties, the Maldives are also known for the weddings. It is part of a unique tourist offer for all loving couples who want to marry and vow to eternal love, barefoot, in the ambience of indescribable beauty.

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