Among elegant fabrics and green, rolling hills

In spite of its small size, holiday goers disembarking from an cruise ship will not find Basseterre short of things to see.

The city’s two cathedrals, St. George’s Anglican Church and the Catholic Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in East Square Street, are at the top of the list.

On South Square Street, one can visit the Georgian House, one of the better-preserved examples of local 18th century architecture.

Other intriguing destinations to visit during your holiday in St. Kitts are all outside the city. On the way to Old Road, you will come across Romney Manor, the home of the Caribbean Batik, where you can witness the birth of these hand-painted fabrics.

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No cruise to the Caribbean could be complete without a visit to the old sugar plantation of Wingfield Estate, where you will be able to admire ruins and study the complex aqueduct constructed to bring water from the Wingfield River to the plantation, a one of a kind construction on St. Kitts. The 18th century Great House and its Botanical Garden are soothing to all of the senses. Admire the perfectly restored structures, the separate kitchen building made with lava rocks, the dining room that seats 16 and overlooks the ocean, and the bathing room with volcanic rocks for heating.The even smaller Charlestown, is the capital of Basseterre’s sister island Nevis. Here, the churches of St. Paul and St. Thomas are a must-see. Both date back to the 17th century, as does the old Jewish cemetery in the city centre. Once here, don’t miss out on a visit to the Nelson Museum, from which you can continue to Saint John’s Fig Tree Church. Surrounded by gravestones, it holds the certificate of the marriage of Admiral Horacio Nelson to the Navisian Fanny Nisbet. The excursion concludes at the Great House of the Montpellier Plantation, where the two fell in love.




A former favourite location for the aristocracy

A former favourite location for the aristocracy

A cruise to Saint Kitts and Nevis will introduce you to two islands of the Caribbean which have been frequented by elite tourists for at least two hundred years; they were the destination for European nobility between the 19th and 20th century.

In Saint Kitts the beaches of the north-eastern coast are black volcanic sand while at Dieppe Bay, you can swim in calm waters that are protected by a great barrier reef, and if you want to experience the emotions of the Atlantic waves, warmed by the reef, you need to head for Half Moon Bay.

From the village of Sandy Point, on the north west coast, climbing the slopes of an ancient volcano, you reach Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. From this UNESCO protected site you can enjoy wonderful views which go as far as St Maarten and St Barthélemy.

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At the same time you can admire the work and the tenacity of the English who built this polygonal fortress between the 18th and 19th century, known in its heyday as one of the Gibraltars of the West Indies (the other was the fort in Les Saints, Guadalupe).

On Nevis, try an excursion to the Nisbet Plantation, a historic manor now a hotel with a splendid beach and dwarf palms. Or treat yourself to a bath at the Bath House Hotel, the remains of the majestic thermal baths that served the nobility of the old continent in the 17th century.

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